About us

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Our History

The Sports Academy began as OAM Sports Academy a project of the Out of Africa Missions ministry in 2008. We grew from strength to strength and in 2012 launched as Sports Academy George, a seperate non profit organisation.

The Sports Academy was a direct response to address the fundamental need to develop strong leaders and positive role models in the underprivileged communities in George, South Africa.

Our approach is twofold. Firstly through the disciplines of football and netball our teams compete in local and district league competitions and we also run rugby coaching clinics and camps throughout the year. Alongside improving their skills, teamwork and ‘character building’ through sports training, we develop deep-rooted mentoring relationships with the students by running evening sessions for them. These focus on life skills and Bible study, and provide a support network for the young people. We also host a monthly youth club for the students to provide a safe place to socialise and bond together.

How does it work?

We seek out young players through our Academy Cup
tournament who are ready to enter Grade 8 and enrol them in the programme. They are involved with us throughout the 5 years of high school and participate not just in coaching sessions, but camps, fun days and most importantly valuable life skills and Bible study sessions.

At Sports Academy the environment is designed to help all the students develop core values such as discipline, team work, punctuality, reliability, honesty and trustworthiness. Our players are from both Coloured and Xhosa communities and they learn about the importance of unity, supporting each other and working together for a common goal.

We provide transport and collect the players from their schools and give them with a small lunch at each session. Everyone gets a tshirt and shorts which they are proud to wear and it makes them feel like part of the team. The Netball and Football teams both compete in local leagues and practice during the school term twice a week and play on a Saturday.

We have a great group of young people some who have been with us from the first ever session. We are proud to see the quality men and women of God that some of our players have become.