Career Coaching

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One of our students working at Wimpy

The Sports Academy program runs for the five high school years. During this period the students will not only be doing sports but they will also be mentored in making their future career decisions.

The statistics below (extracted from ‘Confronting Youth Unemployment: Policy Options for South Africa’ state that about 42 per cent of young people under the age of 30 are unemployed and only 1 in 8 working age adults under 25 years of age have a job.
This is a problem that we believe Sports Academy can try and help improve.

We run programs to prepare the candidates for their first interviews as well as give them an introduction to basic business. Students will also be assisted to identify their area of interest to help them in making the correct subject choices when entering the final years of school.  In their third year of our programme when they are 16 they will have the opportunity to start working holiday jobs with any of our partnering businesses. This will give them some exposure to the area of interest of their future career as well as help them to build up a resume and earn some income. We will then be assisting them in submitting applications to after school programs as well as focusing one to one mentoring during the final two high school years.

We are proud that out of 32 players that have completed our 5 year programme since 2008 14 are now in full time employment and 10 are in further education at college or university.