Dream Big Girls Day

Dream Big Girls Day

2015-03-31T14:44:42+00:00 March 31st, 2015|

On the 21st of February we held a special day for the SAG girls where we invited  guest speakers to come and share with them.  Our theme for the day was ‘Dream Big’ to encourage the girls to see past their current circumstances and dream big for their lives.

dreambigposterTo start the day Philippa Western spoke to the girls about making good choices and respecting ourselves and knowing that we are worthy. After a delicious tea break and some fun games speaker Elreida Du Preez shared her incredible testimony of growing up as a young girl in poverty in the Cape Flats and what she experienced and went through. She shared how God gave her strength to rise up and be different, to remove herself from bad situations and turn her life around. Her story touched the hearts of the girls as they could identify with her in a real way.

After make-overs and lunch and a fun photo shoot we were delighted to welcome back from university Noru Faith who is a past Sports Academy netball player and was on staff with us last year. She encouraged the girls to dream big in terms of their studies and education and that the sky’s the limit!

We rounded off the day with our Sports Academy ‘Shop till you Drop’.  We had been collecting girls clothing and accessories donations which we laid out in a shop set up and invited the girls to browse and take home anything that they liked.

This day will be a highlight of the year and something the girls will always remember. We would like to thank all the speakers and people who helped to make it happen with donations. We are already exciting about planning for next year.