Madmade Camp

Madmade Camp

2015-07-03T13:21:32+00:00 June 10th, 2015|

The Manmade programme finished with a bang as we hiked into the Outeniqua Mountains and camped overnight in a cave with Marthinus from paradise adventures here in George.

The boys had been excited about the camp since the beginning of the programme and wecampre singing and dancing all day and night!

We hiked for a couple of hours into the mountains through forest and bush with Marthinus explaining the vegetation and wildlife to the boys, scaring them with a few snake stories along the way.

We set up camp beside a river in a cave surrounded by trees to avoid any rain and the boys were sent to collect firewood. We had a great night around the fire, eating boerwors, marshmallows, playing games and singing. We also spent time reflecting on what we had learned through the programme and what would change in our lives as a result. We also presented the certificates and dog tags.

When the morncamp3ing came (after spontaneous singing throughout the night) we cleared up the camp and got some breakfast and began the walk back down the mountain.

The manmade programme has been a great opportunity to spend time investing in some of the older boys in Sports Academy who will be finishing school in the next year and encouraging them to be men of God and live lives of purpose in their community. We left the challenge with the boys that it is now their responsibility.