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In the Xhosa culture in Thembalethu there is a big emphasis on becoming a man. When young men reach the age of 16/17 they take part in a ritual which involves going to the bush. It is only after this that the community see you as a man.

Manmade is a course that looks at what it really means to be a man. In 6 sessions we look at passion, humility, courage, respect, control and responsibility and through activity and discussion we hope this course will help equip them to build strong characters and be men who make a difference.

We look at men in the world who have shown these traits but focus on the character of Jesus, the ultimate man. The young men are challenged to live out lives with meaning, purpose and character and make a difference in their own community.

We meet with 8 young men from Sports Academy on Monday evenings and play indoor football for an hour and then get food together and go through the weeks session. So far we have had some great skills in the football and great sessions, which have included chilli eating, washing feet and much more!

We will be finishing the course with an overnight camping trip and sharing what we have learned as well as some more challenges!!