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To use sport as a tool to select, disciple, and raise up a new generation of Christian leaders
that will advance the Kingdom of God, in the underprivileged communities of George, South Africa.


– To share the gospel of Jesus with all students, helping them to understand their worth and identity in Christ, and teaching them how to fulfill His purpose for their lives.
– To select students each year that are young, talented sports men and women and through the highest standard of sports coaching, competition and mentorship develop them physically, mentally and spiritually.
– To place all students in local churches and involve them in cell groups, one on one mentorship, leadership studies and Saturday night youth club.
– The provision of free education as a school defined in the South African Schools Act of 1996 to the poor and needy.
– The provision of scholarships and bursaries for those in further education and the development of partnerships with local businesses to provide job opportunites for every student that graduates SAG.



– We value lordship and recognize that all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


– We value discipleship and believe that all of us have been called to develop followers of Jesus Christ.
We aim to make disciples that make disciples! Matt 28 v 18-20


– We value leadership and exist to develop this God given gift in our students


– We value a Christ-like character and seek to live and teach honesty, integrity and loyalty


– We value commitment and strive to give 100% every day.


– We value excellence and every task is done as on to the Lord. The Sports Academy motto is “My best for His glory”


– We value team and the idea that together we can make a difference