Netball Tour Day 10 & 11

Netball Tour Day 10 & 11

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Day 10:

A message from Sammy-Joe (WD);

Wow! That was a really fun day yesterday. We woke up at 9:00am to get some breakfast at Bentleys, which was so good then we came home to watch some movies and the movies were really nice. We then went to Lynas Food Services, the factory. It was good because we sang for the workers of the company and then they gave us some nice lunch to eat. After that we went to the freezers where they put their food. I went in there and it was so cold I couldn’t breath so I had to jump out again to bring my breath back. After that we go to Sandelford Special School that was very nice to play with the children there. We teach them some netball skills and after that we sang for the children. Then we came home and went to coach Wayne’s mother’s house for dinner, she had very good food!

Day 11:

A message from Ashdene (WD);

We kicked off the day by waking up at 6am. It was a very long trip to St Mary’s University in Belfast. I was sleeping when we got there. It was very fun because we had an Irish dance lesson and played some Gaelic games outside. The University was very beautiful and the people around it were very kind. At 1pm we went for lunch it was very nice. We played a game against the university and they won by 3 goals, but we played very well. After the match we went to the Belfast Ozone Centre where we played Lazer Quest and Basketball. The way we laughed with each other made me say that this was the best day of the tour. We are a dream team, always working together no matter what!