Netball Tour Day 12, 13 & 14

Netball Tour Day 12, 13 & 14

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Day 12:

A message from Zeleika (Team Captain and Centre);

This day was great. We went to Ashfield Girls’ School. They showed us their school and I loved the bus trip round Belfast, as I have learnt more things about Ireland than I knew before. When we arrived back at the school we headed over for lunch it was great to sit with the girls and talking and laughing with them. After that we went over to the netball court and we were dancing and singing before the game it was so great. At the end of the first half of the game the score was 33-4 and as for me as a captain I felt great because we as a team had become strong and we gave everything in our power to do great at everything we do. The final half we beat them 61-11 which was great I loved every moment of the game. Later we packed up and headed back up to Portstewart. It is great to be back in Portstewart as I have missed the lovely bed I have here.

Day 13:

A message from Reala;

Today we woke up a little later than we used to. I did not know what to expect for the day but I thought that we are going siteseeing but we didn’t we actually went to see a movie called Footloose, a very interesting movie. I very much liked it, after that we went home and just relaxed for a bit. Later that night we had to get ready for Exodus, the night went well and we danced the night away.

Day 14:


On Sunday we split one half of the team had to go Cookstown Church and the other half went to Portstewart Baptist Church. It was good because all of the songs in the church was great. Later we paired up and went to 6 different families homes for the night. The families are from Scrabo Hall Church. We also went to Scrabo Hall Church that night and Ashdene was asked to speak, she made the funniest jokes.