Netball Tour Day 15 & 16

Netball Tour Day 15 & 16

2011-10-21T09:13:18+00:00 October 21st, 2011|

Day 15:

A message from Danel (WA);

Today we first went to Ballyholme primary school and spent time with the children there, teaching them how to shoot goals. We then went to Cookstown High School. Everyone told us that Cookstown is big in netball and they are top, but we told ourselves ‘We are going to see what happens on the court, winning is our mission and loosing is our evil.’ The first quarter the score was 7-2 and guess what? We were in the lead! When the game was finished the score was 29-13. We are the kind of team that doesn’t like to loose, it was great focusing!

Day 16:

A message from Xola (GS);

Today we had a free day from netball so that we could focus on our last game. In the morning we went to see to one of our sponsors TBF Thompsons to say a big thank you for everything they have done for us. As I am now in my 3rd year of the Sports Academy, I can’t explain how much the Sports Academy, the coaches and the sponsors mean to me. After going to TBF Thompsons we went to Sandleford Special School. My heart was sore to see the disabled children and I pray to God to bless them and I know he will. We played basketball with them and they were happy but I saw one of them who was crying and I went to him and he told me that he can’t stay in places with loud people because there is something wrong with his ears. Me and coach Brian prayed for him. That night we went to Coach Stevie’s family to eat dinner. Some of my teammates drove with Andrew Trimble the Ireland Rugby player which they loved.