Netball Tour Day 17 & 18

Netball Tour Day 17 & 18

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Day 17:

A message from LeiLei (GK);

It was a long journey but we arrived safe at Ballymena. That place was so beautiful and even the bread we ate was nice. We met the Mayor there and he explained a few words about the place and he also gave us lovely gift bags. After Ballymena we went to Assumption Grammar School. It was fun being with the girls there because they were friendly and curious to know more about South Africa. In the match we beat them 32-29 which I am so happy about because it was a hard match. After that we went to Burger King for dinner then to the Grand Opera House in Belfast to see the show Cirque Eloize, it was magic. The people that were dancing were so good. Its unbelievable even though it was real and not just on TV. After the show ended some of the girls were crying because we couldn’t believe it was our last night in Northern Ireland. I wished I could stay longer and have some more fun. I really thank God that I was chosen to be part of the group cause I’ve tried my best. Northern Ireland is a beautiful, cold place and I have really enjoyed the trip.

Day 18:

A message from Xola (GS);

Today its not a good day to me because we are going back to South Africa. My heart is sore because this trip has meant a lot to me. It was very fun to be with my teammates, coaches and sponsors for 3 weeks. We got so many opportunities to go to different places and to meet famous people like Andrew Trimble. We woke up early this morning to go to Dublin with Coach Brian, when I saw him I felt like crying because I knew it was probably the last time that I was going to see him in my life. But I will always be praying for him and his family the McCormicks. I will never forget this trip in my whole life.