Netball Tour Day 8 & 9

Netball Tour Day 8 & 9

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Day 8:

A message from Kyla (GA);

On Monday we got the chance to teach a PE class the basics of netball at North Coast Integrated College. The PE class was something different for a change we weren’t expecting to teach other kids netball but to play a match. After we taught them the basics we played a little tournament. It was fun. After the PE class we went to Dunluce School, where we played a match and of course won, the final score was 50-12. That night, we had dinner at coach Stevie’s house. It was lovely but made us miss home a lot. The tour so far has been great. It gave me the opportunity to play Goal Attack again after 3 years of being too scared of the pressure that comes with it. The weather sucks though, it has been raining almost every day!

Day 9:

A message from Mishka (GD);

On Tuesday we woke up early in the morning. On that day we played against Dominican College. Amy was my host for the day, she was a lovely person. The game for me was very tough but we won 36-32. Being here for me is very nice and good. I think being here has made me realise many things about myself. It is always cold in Ireland but I think I am getting use to it and I like being away from my house so that I can see other things in this world.