Schools ministry update

Schools ministry update

2015-03-30T09:30:17+00:00 March 30th, 2015|

So far in 2015 we have seen our relationships with the schools in Thembalethu continue to grow. The schooling system in the townships of South Africa is one that doesn’t necessarily reflect that of a western school; and so we have been presented with basic challenges such as time tabling, time keeping, and general behaviour. But we have managed to develop a great relationship with the schools which has allowed us to tackle these challenges head on.

We continue to take assembly once a week in both Thembalethu primary and Thyrlora primary where we are currently looking at a different bible character each week. It came as a shock in our first week back to find out that the majority of the pupils had never heard of Noah, or anything to do with his story. But it has been a privilege to be able to teach these young people the bible stories that many of us assume are known from an early age.

On the back of our assemblies we have been delving deeper into studying these bible characters in our life orientation classes. The thought of a physical education class ending with opening the bible may seem strange to most, but here at sports academy we believe that God has blessed our relationships with these schools to allow us to speak about his word so freely in the school setting.

In conversations had with the staff in the schools, they have expressed concern with the amount of substance abuse taking place amongst the pupils. So in the coming weeks we will be going into both schools alongside an organisation called “Action Against Substance Abuse” and holding a day where we will explore the damaging effects this can have on our lives, and how God has created us for so much more.

It has been a great encouragement to see some of our old sports academy players return to help out and serve in our schools ministry, and give back into the community from which they are from.

We deeply desire to see our SAG young people stand out as leaders who would direct those around them to Christ, and their school is such a great opportunity to do this! Please continue to pray that our relationship with the schools would continue to grow, along with our vision for this ministry.