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George goes to Hollywood!

On Saturday 11th November 2023, 9 brave couples will take to the dance floor to compete in our annual Strictly Come Dancing style competition. We are excited to be back with our fundraising extravaganza, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever.

How it Works:

We have 9 couples who are currently undertaking 10 weeks of lessons and preparing a spectacular show dance for the event. Each couple will raise votes in the form of financial donations before and during the competition. The top 3 couples who raise the most finances as tallied up on the evening will proceed to the final where they will dance again and get scored by our judging panel to win the coveted trophy.

Meet the Couples:

Vote for Braam and Marisa van Wyk with payment reference 001_YOURSURNAME

Vote for Calvin and Georgie Els with payment reference  002_YOURSURNAME

Vote for Charl and Monique Pearson with payment reference 003_YOURSURNAME

Vote for Eljay Goliath and Carryn Weber with payment reference 004_YOURSURNAME

Vote for Jan and Vandri Du Plessis with payment reference 005_YOURSURNAME

Vote for Jaco and Elziree le Roux with payment reference 006_YOURSURNAME

Vote for Kevin and Devi Erasmus with payment reference 007_YOURSURNAME

Vote for Tower Mtshazi and Esethu Mgengo with payment reference 008_YOURSURNAME

Vote for Shawne and Rozanne Robertson with payment reference 009_YOURSURNAME

How to vote:

Each couple has a code which you can use to vote for them as your favourite.

You can make a donation towards your favourite through our bank account using Couplecode_your surname  as your payment reference. (For example if Mr Smith is voting from Braam and Marisa they would reference 001_Smith)

South Africa Bank Details:

Account Name: Sports Academy
Account No: 62369744919
Branch Name: FNB George Branch
Branch Code: 21-01-14

South Africa Charity Info:
NPO 123-726
PBO: 930048362
International Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

UK Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Sports Academy George
Bank Address: Danske Bank, Donegal Sq West, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Sort Code: 95-06-79
Account Number: 90000833
UK Charity Info:
Charity No: NIC106867
Gift Aid Ref No: XT38623

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