The Fourth Annual Academy Cup

The Fourth Annual Academy Cup

2015-07-03T13:22:55+00:00 June 20th, 2015|

The fourth annual Academy Cup marked the search for the next generation of SAG Elite players. Eight local primary schools were invited to play soccer and netball at Saasveld, the home fields of  NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University). The schools battling to lift the first place trophy were: Tyholora, Thembalethu, Heidedal, M M Mateza, Mzoxolo, St. Mary’s, St. Paul’s and Dellville primary schools.

The Academy Cup ran over two weekends, one for Netball, the other for Soccer. While each weekend brought a different sport, the same electric feel was in the air. With sponsorship from Wimpy and Coke the atmosphere was great with music pumping and hotdogs for everyone on the braai. All the schools fought  hard for every point and every goal and the competition was tough. For the girls netball, Heidedal Primary school came away victorious.  Mzoxolo Primary won the soccer for an impressive third year in a row! Congratulations to both schools.

During the Academy Cup,  Sports Academy has a chance to scout the teams present and extend an invitation to the top players of each team to come and be a part of our elite training programme the following year.  We are not only interested in developing these players athletic abilities, we work hard to motivate them to better themselves in all areas of life -at school, at home, and in their community. SAG has the opportunity, over the next years these players are with us, to use sport as a tool to show Gods love to them and disciple them along the way.

We are excited to welcome the 30 new young players to join us in September.