Update on our School Leavers

Update on our School Leavers

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Unfortunately in the township schools that we work with, careers guidance and advice is quite limited and young people with great potential often finish school and end up dejected and doing nothing because they do not have the information/confidence or resources on how to apply for further education or achieve their goals. We at Sports Academy are trying to counteract this problem with our Careers Coaching programme run by Carel Lategan. Please read more about some of our young people who finished school this year.

Justin May:
For the past 5 years, Justin, has been discipled and mentored through the Sports Academy, learning about God, leadership and how to choose a life, and a future, free from drugs and poverty. A few months ago, he shared with us that his dream is to mentor and disciple the youth from his own community! Just as he received, he wants to give. Starting this year, Justin is joining the Sports Academy Program by mentoring our new entrants twice a week.
In December, Justin applied for University to study business. He sat the entrance exams and was accepted, we helped him apply for a bursary and a loan, these were accepted and he has all the funds that he needs for the coming year! He has also been accepted into the university accommodation on campus which is brilliant as he will be able to focus on his studies in a new safe environment. We are excited to walk with Justin through the next 3 years and see him raised up as a leader in his community.

Jaco Cotzee (left) and Verdi Alaart (right):
Jaco and Verdi have both shown a strong interest in recent years in wanting to get involved in working in conservation and have dreams of working on a game reserve. Both boys passed their Matric (final year) exams and have been trying to figure out what to do next. Recently, a lady who is involved with Environmental Affairs in South Africa called us at SAG and asked us if we had any students who would be suitable applicants to join their course starting in January 2013! Coincidence? We think not!
This program is a funded one year accredited course to prepare students for a University degree in Nature Conservation, starting 2014. They have both been accepted to take this course and will be volunteering at the Sports Academy throughout the year. We will continue to mentor Jaco and Verdi as they go through this one year course.

In this coming month, we will be working with several more Sports Academy students who have already graduated Matric. We hope to help them to know where they are going and what they want to do now that they have finished school. We will continue to work closely with those who are in Matric this year (2013) so that they can know the direction they will take after school in 2014.