School leavers….what’s next?

School leavers….what’s next?

2014-01-14T08:31:23+00:00 January 14th, 2014|

What an amazing privilege to help our young people take the necessary steps to follow the direction the Lord has called them to. We are proud to announce that the following candidates applied and have been accepted for further education, pending their final Matric school results:
– Noru for Business Management Studies at NMMU
– Derek for Electrical Engineering at the South Cape College
– Armstrong and Thandi for Coaching Sciences at ETA
– Bongi will take a gap year and is planning to study Sound Engineering in 2015.
– Mikey is hoping to join the Army in 2014
– George Jnr for Woodworking Tech studies at NMMU
– George Jnr Jnr for Business Management studies at NMMU

We are delighted that many of our students were motivated to work during the holidays and found jobs over the December period. Lei Lei and Thabo obtained employment at the local Wimpy and Patrick, Bennet and Noru have returned to Wimpy positions that they had worked in the previous year. Armstrong has continued to work at an Italian restaurant (Primi) and Xola and George Jnr got themselves jobs at the Strawberry and Berry Farm retrospectively. Lastly, Brian found himself a job at the shopping mall in George.  It has been wonderful to see these young people taking the initiative to find jobs and for some of them to continue building on their previous experiences. Through this they have developed skills in taking responsibility and commitment.

We are particularly proud of George who is coaching full time for Sports Academy. He also assists in the running of The Muscle Room with help from Spotosi, who is working on a part time basis. George has shown tremendous character by taking on the challenge of running the gym even though he has no prior experience.

Danel completed her first year of Sports Studies at ETA whilst coaching netball part time for us at Sports Academy. She has qualified for a full bursary for 2014.

Justin passed his first year at university and is moving to his second year in teaching at NMMU in George, we regualiry see him on campus when he comes down to visit us at the training session.