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The Beginning – 2019

SAG has been operating within the townships of George for ten years and we have seen some incredible results in terms of the success of the young people who have completed our programme. Unfortunately, opportunities for further education and full-time employment for the under-privileged in South Africa are limited with only 1 in 8 going on to University or full-time employment. We have seen twelve of our students go on to further education during our time here and over sixty of our students find full-time employment. Whilst we are proud of these statistics, we know that more can be done and we feel that the provision of a good education at an early age is the obvious next step.

We want to give our students the best possible opportunities in life and so in January 2019 we opened George Royal Academy; a private school for the underprivileged. The school provides our students with a better education, and also caters for their basic needs including food and clothing. In an area where classrooms are overcrowded with 40+ students to a class and education is poor, we believe that this is the way forward in developing our students into the successful, God glorifying young men and women they deserve to be.

Our first intake of Grade 8s were selected from our annual Academy Cup Sports Academy Tournament from local primary schools in 2018. These children were given the opportunity to join our new programme in 2019 which included being part of the new school set up.